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About Photo Resource Hawaii

Photo Resource Hawaii (PRH) was founded by Tami Kauakea Winston in 1985. The company specializes in worldwide marketing and distribution of high quality imagery of Hawaii and the Pacific.

As one of the islands' premiere stock photography agencies, PRH represents over 100 of Hawaii's top photographers. PRH is the only stock library representing Hawaii in its most authentic sense – including a large file of hula, native birds, endangered plants and historic sites.

The company's extensive library includes images of Hawaiian culture and environment, outdoor activities, health and wellness, island living and other travel related themes.

Tami Winston began her career at the age of 17 when she moved to Hawaii and began photographing the islands. Her work has appeared in numerous travel publications including National Geographic Traveler, Eye Witness Travel Guide to Hawaii, AAA Journey Magazine, Hana Hou, Hawaii and Honolulu Magazines. She was the primary contributing photographer for Healing Vacations in Hawaii, a guidebook to wellness travel options on Hawaii's Big Island.

Tami has done assignment work for Hawaii Community Foundation, DTRIC Insurance, Hale Kipa, Academy of the Pacific and Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation.

"I am often asked by photographers 'what should I shoot?' My answer is: shoot what you love, what your life is about, and what you are passionate about – that's what makes a great photo. The beauty and excitement of photography is that it allows us to share our perceptions of the world."

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